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Number of Articles: 525
1. Sida rhombifolia Exerts Anti-Proliferative and Pro-Apoptotic Effects in Human Liver Cancer HepG2 Cells in Vitro

Volume 23, Issue 11, November 2022, Pages 3677-3684

Mohadeseh Ahmadi; Mohammad Ali Ebrahimzadeh; Alireza Rafiei; Mostafa Kardan; Mohammad Ali Ebrahimi

2. Quality of Life of Family Caregivers of Cancer Patients in a Developing Nation

Volume 23, Issue 11, November 2022, Pages 3905-3914

Gin Gin Gan; Kevin Wei Fey Tey; Sumaiyah Mat; Marniza Saad; Ping Chong Bee; Rozita Abdul Malik; Gwo Fuang Ho; Chong Guan Ng

3. Estimating the Cancer Treatment Cost for 5 Common Types of Cancer with Separating Out-of-Pocket and Governmental Costs in Afghanistan, 2020

Volume 23, Issue 10, October 2022, Pages 3273-3279

Hasan Rohani; Sayed Hamid Mousavi; Sayed Mahdi Hashemy; Shakardokht Jafari; Ghulam Yahya Amiry; Divya Bhandari; Akihiko Ozaki; Tayeba Hashemy

5. Anti-Proliferative Effect of Potential LSD1/CoREST Inhibitors Based on Molecular Dynamics Model for Treatment of SH-SY5Y Neuroblastoma Cancer Cell Line

Volume 23, Issue 10, October 2022, Pages 3533-3540

Hiba Zalloum; Waleed Zalloum; Tareq Hameduh; Husam ALSalamat; Malek Zihlif

6. Home-based Palliative Intervention to Improve Quality of Life in Children with Cancer: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Volume 23, Issue 9, September 2022, Pages 3029-3034

Murti Andriastuti; Pricilia Gunawan Halim; Elnino Tunjungsari; Dwi Putro Widodo

7. A Distributed Cancer Care Model with a Technology-Driven Hub-and-Spoke and further Spoke Hierarchy: Findings from a Pilot Implementation Programme in Kerala, India

Volume 23, Issue 9, September 2022, Pages 3133-3139

Venkataramanan Ramachandran; Akash Pradhan; Abhishek Kumar; Bharat Kumar Sarvepalli; Sripriya Rao; Kunal Oswal; Raja Shekhar Kommu; Manish Sharma; Sarika Pathak; Ramdas Kunnambath; Moni Abraham Kuriakose; Sankaranarayanan Rengaswamy; Mohannad Alajlani; Theodoros N. Arvanitis

9. Evaluation of Complications of Short-term and Long-term Drainage Following Mastectomy with Removal of Axillary Lymph Nodes: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Volume 23, Issue 8, August 2022, Pages 2873-2878

Jamal Jafari Nedooshan; Mohammad Hossein Dashti Rahmatabadi; Saeed Kargar; Mohammad Hasan lotfi

10. Perception and Practice of Cervical Cancer Screening Services and the Role of Social Workers in Facilitating Screening Uptake in Enugu State, Nigeria

Volume 23, Issue 7, July 2022, Pages 2271-2277

Christopher N Ngwu; Anthony O Iwuagwu; Samuel O Ebimgbo; Emeka E Igboeli; Brian O Eyang; Legbel E Ogar

11. PD-L1 and the Clinical Outcomes of Ovarian Cancer: Meta-Analysis and Bioinformatical Analysis

Volume 23, Issue 7, July 2022, Pages 2285-2290

Xiaoling Shi; Liu Yun; Liu Chaoqun Liu; Hui Ding; Dan Liang; Fang Geng; Hainan Yu; Jinxiu Ban; Jiajing Li; Tao Jiang; Yi Sun

12. A Comparison of Two Scales to Determine Prevalence of Mood Disorders in Omani Patients Recently Diagnosed with Cancer

Volume 23, Issue 7, July 2022, Pages 2367-2373

Ikram A Burney; Zena M Al-Sharbati; Zainab Al-Rawahi; Somaia Al-Hatmi; Syed G Rizvi; Mohamed-Rachid Boulassel

13. In Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke and Cancer: The Shorter Interval, the Higher D-Dimer

Volume 23, Issue 7, July 2022, Pages 2375-2378

Xin-Kun Wang; Min-Hang Zhou

14. A Comparative Evaluation of Cancer Classification via TP53 Gene Mutations Using Machin Learning

Volume 23, Issue 7, July 2022, Pages 2459-2467

dina Yousif Mikhail; Firas H Al-Mukhtar; Shahab Wahab Kareem

15. Effectiveness of Cognitive Restructuring on Intensity of Pain in Cancer Patients: A Pilot Study in Oncology Department of Tertiary Care Hospital

Volume 23, Issue 6, June 2022, Pages 2035-2047

Firdousa Jan; Maharaj Singh; Nisar Ahmad Syed; Dilshada Wani; Munira Bashir

17. Reduced Expression of Natural Killer Cell-Related Activating Receptors by Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells from Patients with Breast Cancer and Their Improvement by Zoledronic Acid

Volume 23, Issue 5, May 2022, Pages 1661-1669

Leila Rahimian; Behjat Kalantari Khandani; Maryam Nemati; Samane Hoseini-Shahrestanak; Najmeh Aminizadeh; Abdollah Jafarzadeh

18. Evaluating the Relationship between Diabetes and Cancer in a Cohort

Volume 23, Issue 4, April 2022, Pages 1223-1229

Simge Ruhiye Yilmaz Kavcar; Ayla Acikgoz; Gul Ergor; Belgin Unal

19. Geographic Characteristics of Various Cancers in Yogyakarta Province, Indonesia: A Spatial Analysis at the Community Level

Volume 23, Issue 4, April 2022, Pages 1231-1238

Solikhah Solikhah; Dyah Aryani Perwitasari; Dwi Sarwani Sri Rejeki

20. Evaluation of Safety and Side Effects COVID-19 Vaccine in Cancer Patients Being Treated

Volume 23, Issue 4, April 2022, Pages 1263-1270

Mozaffar Aznab; Maryam Chalehchaleh; Somayeh Dokoshkani; Maryam Rezaei

21. Tobacco Smoking and Health-Related Quality of Life During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Correspondence

Volume 23, Issue 3, March 2022, Pages 753-753

Somsri Wiwanitkit; Viroj Wiwanitkit

23. Correspondence on Leptin Receptor Q223R Gene Polymorphism and Breast Cancer

Volume 23, Issue 2, February 2022, Pages 377-377

Amnuay Kebayoon; Viroj Wiwanitkit

24. Preventive Cancer Screening in Asian Americans: Need for Community Outreach Programs

Volume 23, Issue 2, February 2022, Pages 393-397

Gregory Wu; Niki T Augustine; Steve Sung Kwon