Keywords = Consanguinity
Number of Articles: 6
1. BRCA1/BRCA2 Mutations Shaped by Ancient Consanguinity Practice in Southern Mediterranean Populations

Volume 19, Issue 10, October 2018, Pages 2963-2972

Fadoua Belaiba; Imen Medimegh; Yannick Bidet; Sami Boussetta; Olfa Baroudi; Amel Mezlini; Yves Jean Bignon; Amel Benammar El gaaied

3. Depression, Hopelessness and Social Support among Breast Cancer Patients: in Highly Endogamous Population

Volume 18, Issue 7, July 2017, Pages 1889-1896

Abdulbari Bener; Reem Alsulaiman; Lisa Doodson; Tony Agathangelou