Main Subjects = Oncology
Number of Articles: 290
1. Relationship of JAK2 (V617F) Allelic Burden with Clinico- Haematological Manifestations of Philadelphia-Negative Myeloproliferative Neoplasms

Volume 21, Issue 9, September 2020, Pages 2805-2810

Ka Shing Yow; Xin Liu; Chean Nee Chai; Moon Ley Tung; Benedict Yan; Dheepa Christopher; Kiat Hoe Ong; Melissa G Ooi

2. The Effect of Obesity on Response to Neoadjuvant Therapy in Locally Advanced Gastric Cancer

Volume 21, Issue 9, September 2020, Pages 2723-2731

Aysegul Sakin; Suleyman Sahin; Abdullah Sakin; Mehmet Naci Aldemir; Irfan Bayram; Cetin Kotan

3. Prognostic Value of CD200 Expression and Soluble CTLA-4 Concentrations in Intermediate and High-Risk Myelodysplastic Syndrome Patients

Volume 21, Issue 8, August 2020, Pages 2225-2230

Salah Aref; Mohamed El Agdar; Ahmed El Sebaie; Tarek Abouzeid; Mohamed Sabry; Lamiaa Ibrahim

4. Progression Free Survival and Predictor of Recurrence in DLBCL patients with Negative Interim 18FDG PET/CT Using Standardized Imaging and Reporting Protocols

Volume 21, Issue 8, August 2020, Pages 2343-2348

Maseeh uz Zaman; Nosheen Fatima; Areeba Zaman; Unaiza Zaman; Sidra Zaman; Rabia Tahseen

6. Relationship between rs6715345 Polymorphisms of MIR-375 Gene and rs4939827 of SMAD-7 Gene in Women with Breast Cancer and Healthy Women: A Case-Control Study

Volume 21, Issue 8, August 2020, Pages 2479-2484

Seyed-Mehdi Hashemi; Mohammad Hashemi; Gholamreza Bahari; Afsaneh Khaledi; Hoseinali Danesh; Abolghasem Allahyari

9. Fruit and Vegetable Intake and Stomach Cancer among Male Adults: A Case-Control Study in Northern Viet Nam

Volume 21, Issue 7, July 2020, Pages 2109-2115

Le Hong Phuoc; Khanpaseuth Sengngam; Toshio Ogawa; Nlandu Roger Ngatu; Shunya Ikeda; Tran Hieu Hoc; Pham Van Phu; Dinh Thi Minh; Le Tran Ngoan

10. The Role of Vitamin D, Platelet-Derived Growth Factor and Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 in the Progression of Thyroid Diseases

Volume 21, Issue 7, July 2020, Pages 2083-2089

Mona S Abdellateif; Sabry Shaarawy; Yasmine F Elesawy; Mona Mansour; Effat Tharwat; Noha H Ibrahim; Marwa S Eissa

11. Validation of the Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy with Cervical Cancer Subscale (FACT-CX) for Quality of Life in Thai Patients Prior to Chemoradiotherapy

Volume 21, Issue 7, July 2020, Pages 1891-1897

Thanarpan Peerawong; Yuthasak Suphasynth; Chanon Kongkamol; Paytai Rordlamool; Jidapa Bridhikitti; Rungarun Jiratrachu; Duangjai Sangtawan; Thiti Atjimakul; Saibua Chicharoen

12. The Clinicopathological Impact of Granulocyte-Macrophage Colony-Stimulating Factor Gene Expression and Different Molecular Prognostic Biomarkers in Egyptian Acute Myeloid Leukemia Patients

Volume 21, Issue 7, July 2020, Pages 1993-2001

Bassant Nagdy; Hebatallah A Kassem; Abdel-Rahman B Abdel-Ghaffar; Dina M Seoudi; Neemat M Kassem

13. Quality of Life in Patients with Gynecological Cancers: A Web-Based Study

Volume 21, Issue 7, July 2020, Pages 1969-1975

Elham Shirali; Fariba Yarandi; Marjan Ghaemi; Ali Montazeri

14. Adherence to ASCO for Prophylaxis of Acute Chemotherapy- Induced Nausea and Vomiting in Iran

Volume 21, Issue 6, June 2020, Pages 1567-1572

Mahbobeh Ebrahimi; Valiollah Mehrzad; Azadeh Moghaddas

15. Dosimetric Validation of Digital Megavolt Imager for Flattening Filter Free Beams in the Pre-Treatment Quality Assurance of Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy for Liver Metastases

Volume 21, Issue 6, June 2020, Pages 1659-1665

Vendhan Subramani; Murali Rathakrishnan; Arunai Nambiraj N; Saraswathi Chitra S; Murali Venkatraman

16. Characteristics and Impact of HPV-Associated p16 Expression on Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Thai Patients

Volume 21, Issue 6, June 2020, Pages 1679-1687

Chuleeporn Jiarpinitnun; Noppadol Larbcharoensub; Poompis Pattaranutaporn; Teeranuch Chureemas; Jitlada Juengsamarn; Narumol Trachu; Somthawin Lukerak; Phichai Chansriwong; Nuttapong Ngamphaiboon

17. Neoadjuvant FOLFIRINOX followed by Chemoradiotherapy for Middle and Lower Rectal Cancer

Volume 21, Issue 6, June 2020, Pages 1717-1723

Amr Sakr; Mamdouh Elsherbiny; Rabab Abdel Moneim; Saeed Shaaban; Moustafa Aldaly

18. The Case to Case Comparison of Hormone Receptors and HER2 Status between Primary Breast Cancer and Synchronous Axillary Lymph Node Metastasis

Volume 21, Issue 6, June 2020, Pages 1559-1565

Sasithorn Sujarittanakarn; Wanwisa Himakhun; Worawarn Worasawate; Wilairat Prasert

19. LAT1 (SLC7A5) Overexpression in Negative Her2 Group of Breast Cancer: A Potential Therapy Target

Volume 21, Issue 5, May 2020, Pages 1453-1458

khaldon Bodoor; Rowida Almomani; Mohammad Alqudah; Yazan Haddad; Walaa Samouri

20. Patterns of Care and Outcome Analysis of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma: An Indonesian Single Institution Study

Volume 21, Issue 5, May 2020, Pages 1481-1485

Hamida Hayati Faisal; Nobuteru Kubo; Endang Nuryadi; Joedo Prihartono; Tubagus Djumhana Atmakusuma; Lisnawati Rachmadi; Takahiro Oike; Takashi Nakano; Soehartati A Gondhowiardjo; Marlinda Adham

21. Clinical Value of NOTCH1 Mutations Detection among Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Patients

Volume 21, Issue 5, May 2020, Pages 1295-1301

Salah Aref; Mohamed El -Agder; Osama Salama; Tarek Abouzeid; Mohamed Sabry

22. Reversal Effect of Dihydromyricetin on Multiple Drug Resistance in SGC7901/5-FU Cells

Volume 21, Issue 5, May 2020, Pages 1269-1274

Mingcai Wu; Ming Jiang; Ting Dong; Lei Xu; Jun Lv; Mengya Xue; Mengzhu Huang

23. Accelerated Radiotherapy with Concurrent Chemotherapy in Locally Advanced Head and Neck Cancers: Evaluation of Response and Compliance

Volume 21, Issue 5, May 2020, Pages 1399-1407

Karim Mashhour; Hisham Atef; Ahmed Selim; Mostafa A Moez; Hussam Zawam; Yasser Abo-Madyan

25. Simultaneous Effects of Viral Factors of Human Papilloma Virus and Epstein-Barr Virus on Progression of Breast and Thyroid Cancers: Application of Structural Equation Modeling

Volume 21, Issue 5, May 2020, Pages 1431-1439

Shayan Mostafaei; Anoshirvan Kazemnejad; Amir Hossein Norooznezhad; Behzad Mahaki; Mohsen Moghoofei