Main Subjects = pharmacology
Number of Articles: 28
1. Cytotoxicity Activity and Druggability Studies of Sigmasterol Isolated from Marine Sponge Dysidea avara Against Oral Epithelial Cancer Cell (KB/C152) and T-Lymphocytic Leukemia Cell Line (Jurkat/ E6-1)

Volume 21, Issue 4, April 2020, Pages 997-1003

Melika Nazemi; Mostafa Khaledi; Mahdi Golshan; Masoud Ghorbani; Mohammad Reza Amiran; Alireza Darvishi; Omid Rahmanian

2. Proteomics Analysis for Identification of Potential Cell Signaling Pathways and Protein Targets of Actions of Atractylodin and β-Eudesmol Against Cholangiocarcinoma

Volume 21, Issue 3, March 2020, Pages 621-628

Kanawut Kotawong; Wanna Chaijaroenkul; Sittiruk Roytrakul; Narumon Phaonakrop; Kesara Na-Bangchang

4. Design, One Pot Synthesis and Molecular Docking Studies of Substituted-1H-Pyrido[2,1-b] Quinazolines as Apoptosis-Inducing Anticancer Agents

Volume 21, Issue 2, February 2020, Pages 411-421

Raju Bathula; Shobha Rani Satla; Ramadevi Kyatham; Kiran Gangarapu

5. Association between C1236T Genetic Variant of ABCB1 Gene and Molecular Response to Imatinib in Indonesian Chronic Myeloid Patients

Volume 20, Issue 11, November 2019, Pages 3331-3334

Ikhwan Rinaldi; Riki Nova; Reni Widyastuti; Rizky Priambodo; Instiaty Instiaty; Melva Louisa

6. Mdm2-P53 Interaction Inhibitor with Cisplatin Enhances Apoptosis in Colon and Prostate Cancer Cells In-Vitro

Volume 20, Issue 11, November 2019, Pages 3341-3351

Amit Gupta; Tapan Behl; Hem Raj Heer; Rahul Deshmukh; Pyare Lal Sharma

8. Dual Glycation-Inflammation Modulation, DPP-IV and Pancraetic Lipase Inhibitory Potentials and Antiproliferative Activity of Novel Fluoroquinolones

Volume 20, Issue 8, August 2019, Pages 2503-2514

Shereen Arabiyat; Violet Kasabri; Yusuf Al-Hiari; Ihab AL-MASRI; Sundus Alalawi; YASSER BUSTANJI

9. The Carcinogenic Agent Diethylnitrosamine Induces Early Oxidative Stress, Inflammation and Proliferation in Rat Liver, Stomach and Colon: Protective Effect of Ginger Extract

Volume 20, Issue 8, August 2019, Pages 2551-2561

Dina F Mansour; Heba M I Abdallah; Bassant M M Ibrahim; Rehab R Hegazy; Reham S E Esmail; Lubna O Abdel-Salam

10. The Nudix Hydrolase 15 (NUDT15) Gene Variants among Jordanian Arab Population

Volume 20, Issue 3, March 2019, Pages 801-808

Yazun Bashir Jarrar; Maria Ghishan

11. Induction of Apoptosis by an Extract of Persian Gulf Marine Mollusc, Turbo Coronatus through the Production of Reactive Oxygen Species in Mouse Melanoma Cells

Volume 19, Issue 12, December 2018, Pages 3479-3488

Fatemeh Zangeneh; Amir Vazirizadeh; Mohammad Reza Mirshamsi; Amir Fakhri; Mehrdad Faizi; Jalal Pourahmad

12. Cytotoxic and Antiproliferative Activity of Polyisoprenoids in Seventeen Mangroves Species Against WiDr Colon Cancer Cells

Volume 19, Issue 12, December 2018, Pages 3393-3400

Dini P Sari; Mohammad Basyuni; Poppy AZ Hasibuan; Sumardi Sumardi; Arif Nuryawan; Ridha Wati

13. Tylophorine Abrogates G2/M Arrest Induced by Doxorubicine and Promotes Increased Apoptosis in T47D Breast Cancer Cells

Volume 19, Issue 11, November 2018, Pages 3065-3069

Nofran Putra Pratama; Septi Wulandari; Agung Endro Nugroho; Nanang Fakhrudin; Puji Astuti; - Sudarsono

14. Selective Cytotoxicity of α-Santonin from the Persian Gulf Sponge Dysidea Avara on Pediatric ALL B-lymphocytes via Mitochondrial Targeting

Volume 19, Issue 8, August 2018, Pages 2149-2154

Marjan Aghvami; Arghavan Keshavarz; Melika Nazemi; Mohammad Hadi Zarei; Jalal Pourahmad

15. Potential Role of Bupropion Sustained Release for Cancer-Related Fatigue: a Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study

Volume 19, Issue 6, June 2018, Pages 1547-1551

Farzaneh Ashrafi; Sarah Mousavi; Mohammad Karimi

16. Leukotriene Receptor Antagonists Inhibit Mitogenic Activity in Triple Negative Breast Cancer Cells

Volume 19, Issue 3, March 2018, Pages 833-837

Kran Suknuntha; Ruedeemars Yubolphan; Kanokpan Krueaprasertkul; Sirada Srihirun; Nathawut Sibmooh; Pornpun Vivithanaporn

17. Detection of Cytochrome P450 Polymorphisms in Breast Cancer Patients May Impact on Tamoxifen Therapy

Volume 19, Issue 2, February 2018, Pages 343-350

Kanakaiah Thota; K Prasad; Mandava V Basaveswara Rao

18. Anti-ROR1 scFv-EndoG as a Novel Anti-Cancer Therapeutic Drug

Volume 19, Issue 1, January 2018, Pages 97-102

Peyman Bemani; Mozafar Mohammadi; Ali Hakakian

19. Association of Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel Genetic Polymorphisms with Oxaliplatin-Induced Chronic Peripheral Neuropathy in South Indian Cancer Patients

Volume 18, Issue 11, November 2017, Pages 3157-3165

Sreenivasulu palugulla; Dimpal N Thakkar; Smita Kayal; Sunil Narayan; Steven Dkhar

20. Poly-L-Lysine Inhibits Tumor Angiogenesis and Induces Apoptosis in Ehrlich Ascites Carcinoma and in Sarcoma S-180 Tumor

Volume 18, Issue 8, August 2017, Pages 2255-2268

Souvik Debnath; Saumen karan; Manish Debnath; Jyotirmayee Dash; Tapan Kumar Chatterjee

21. BRAF, KRAS and PIK3CA Mutation and Sensitivity to Trastuzumab in Breast Cancer Cell Line Model

Volume 18, Issue 8, August 2017, Pages 2209-2213

Satyajit Patra; Vanesa Young; Leslie Llewellyn; Jitendra Senapati; Jesil Mathew

22. New Insight of OCT2 Regulation as Mediator for Cisplatin- Induced Nephrotoxicity

Volume 18, Issue 6, June 2017, Pages 1459-1460

Amr Ahmed EL-Arabey; Mohnad Abdalla

24. Selective Toxicity of Non Polar Bioactive Compounds of Persian Gulf Sea Squirt Phallusia Nigra on Skin Mitochondria Isolated from Rat Model of Melanoma

Volume 18, Issue 3, March 2017, Pages 811-818

Yalda Arast; Nina Seyed Razi; Enayatollah Seydi; Parvaneh Naserzadeh; Melika Nazemi; jalal pourahmadjaktaji

25. Prevalence of CTR1 and ERCC1 Polymorphisms and Response of Biliary Tract Cancer to Gemcitabine-Platinum Chemotherapy

Volume 18, Issue 3, March 2017, Pages 857-861

Skolchart Pongmaneratanakul; Suebpong Tanasanvimon; Thitima Pengsuparp; Nutthada Areepium