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Current Issue: Volume 21, Issue 7, July 2020, Pages 1849-2176 

1. Cytogenetic Biomonitoring on Oral Mucosa Cells of Hookah Users: Is It Possible?

Pages 1849-1849

Ana Carolina Flygare Souza; Marina Gomes Galvani; Daniel Vitor de Souza; Daniel Araki Ribeiro

2. Topical Treatment of Oral Mucositis in Cancer Patients: A Systematic Review of Randomized Clinical Trials

Pages 1851-1866

Geisa Sant Ana; Ana Gabriela Costa Normando; Isabela de Toledo; Paula Elaine Diniz dos Reis; Eliete Neves Silva Guerra

3. Toxicity of Saffron Extracts on Cancer and Normal Cells: A Review Article

Pages 1867-1875

Masihollah Shakeri; Akbar Hashemi Tayer; Heshmatollah Shakeri; Abdolreza Sotoodeh Jahromi; Malihe Moradzadeh; Mohammad Hojjat-Farsangi

5. Influence of Demographic and Reproductive Factors on Cervical Pre-Cancer and Cancer in Bangladesh

Pages 1883-1889

Ashrafun Nessa; Rowson Ara; Parveen Fatema; Begum Nasrin; Afroza Chowdhury; Kamrul Hasan Khan; Ashim Ranjan Barua; Mohammad Harun Ur Rashid

6. Validation of the Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy with Cervical Cancer Subscale (FACT-CX) for Quality of Life in Thai Patients Prior to Chemoradiotherapy

Pages 1891-1897

Thanarpan Peerawong; Yuthasak Suphasynth; Chanon Kongkamol; Paytai Rordlamool; Jidapa Bridhikitti; Rungarun Jiratrachu; Duangjai Sangtawan; Thiti Atjimakul; Saibua Chicharoen

9. miR-140 and miR-196a as Potential Biomarkers in Breast Cancer Patients

Pages 1913-1918

Arman Shahabi; Behrooz Naghili; Khalil Ansarin; Vahid Montazeri; Nosratollah Zarghami

10. Influence of Two DNA Repair Pathway Polymorphisms in Colorectal Cancer Risk in Southwest Iran

Pages 1919-1924

Seyed Mohammad Hosseini; Javad Mohammadiasl; Abdulhasan Talaiezadeh; Rahim Alidadi; Mahdi Bijanzadeh

12. Afghan Frontier: Understanding Tobacco Practices among Migrant Population in India

Pages 1931-1937

Rashmi Mehra; Vikrant Ranjan Mohanty; Aswini Y B; Karn Mehra; Shivam Kapoor

14. Knowledge of Cervical Cancer and Human Papillomavirus Vaccines among Child-Bearing Aged Women in Hanoi, Vietnam

Pages 1951-1957

Nguyen Thi Ngoc Phuong; Le Thi Thanh Xuan; Le Thi Huong; Do Thi Thanh Toan; Jin Kyung Oh; Young Joo Won; Kui Son Choi

15. Crocin Increases Gastric Cancer Cells’ Sensitivity to Doxorubicin

Pages 1959-1967

Seyedeh Mahya Shariat Razavi; Reyhaneh Mahmoudzadeh Vaziri; Gholamreza Karimi; Sepideh Arabzadeh; Vahideh Keyvani; Javad Behravan; Fatemeh Kalalinia

16. Quality of Life in Patients with Gynecological Cancers: A Web-Based Study

Pages 1969-1975

Elham Shirali; Fariba Yarandi; Marjan Ghaemi; Ali Montazeri

18. NOTCH-1 Gene Mutations Influence Survival in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Patients

Pages 1987-1992

Salah Aref; Rasha Rizk; Mohamed El Agder; Wafaa Fakhry; Maha El Zafarany; Mohamed Sabry

20. Practical Laboratory Tools for Monitoring of BCR-ABL1 Transcripts and Tyrosine Kinase (TK) Domain Mutations in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Patients Undergoing TK Inhibitor Therapy: A Single-Center Experience in Thailand

Pages 2003-2012

Nittaya Limsuwanachot; Adcharee Kongruang; Budsaba Rerkamnuaychoke; Roongrudee Singdong; Pimjai Niparuck; Saengsuree Jootar; Teerapong Siriboonpiputtana

21. Human Papillomavirus Detection and Abnormal Anal Cytology in HIV-infected Patients Using p16/Ki-67 Dual-Staining

Pages 2013-2019

Natcha Patarapadungkit; Parinyabhorn Khonhan; Pornrith Pisuttimarn; Chamsai Pientong; Tipaya Ekalaksananan; Supinda Koonmee

23. Anti-Migration and Invasion Effects of Astaxanthin against A172 Human Glioblastoma Cell Line

Pages 2029-2033

Tanapan Siangcham; Pornpun Vivithanaporn; Kant Sangpairoj

24. Cervical Cancer Screening among Women Receiving Antiretroviral Therapy in a Resource-Limited Environment

Pages 2035-2045

Moses New-Aaron; Jane L Meza; Martha H Goedert; Stephen M Kibusi; Mkhoi L Mkhoi; Caroline Damian Mayengo; James Charles; Siraji Shabani; Kelsie M Musil; Anlan Cheney; Samwel Sumba

25. Genetic Polymorphism of Epidermal Growth Factor Gene as a Predictor of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Hepatitis C Cirrhotic Patients

Pages 2047-2053

Ibrahim Baghdadi; Khaled Abu Ella; Ahmed El Shaaraway; Elsayed Elshayeb; Hala S El-Rebey; Mohamed El Hoseeny; Mary Naguib; Ali Nada

27. Association of DNA Repair Genes XRCC1 and APE-1 with the Risk of Cervical Cancer in North Indian population

Pages 2061-2065

Mark Rector Charles; Syed Tasleem Raza; Rolee Sharma; Pushpendra Pratap; Ale Eba; Manvendra Singh

28. Ki67, CD105, and α-SMA Expression Supports Biological Distinctness of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Arising in the Background of Oral Submucous Fibrosis

Pages 2067-2074

Amol Ramchandra Gadbail; Sheetal Korde; Minal S Chaudhary; Sachin C Sarode; Shailesh M Gondivkar; Ravi Dande; Satyajit Ashok Tekade; Monal Yuwanati; Alka Hande; Shankargouda Patil

30. The Role of Vitamin D, Platelet-Derived Growth Factor and Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 in the Progression of Thyroid Diseases

Pages 2083-2089

Mona S Abdellateif; Sabry Shaarawy; Yasmine F Elesawy; Mona Mansour; Effat Tharwat; Noha H Ibrahim; Marwa S Eissa

31. TP53 Arg72Pro and XPD Lys751Gln Gene Polymorphisms and Risk of Lung Cancer in Bangladeshi Patients

Pages 2091-2098

Tahsin Nairuz; Mostafijur Rahman; Most Umme Bushra; Yearul Kabir

32. Engagement of General Practice in an Australian Organised Bowel Cancer Screening Program: A Cross-Sectional Survey of Knowledge and Practice

Pages 2099-2107

Carol A Holden; Oliver Frank; Ming Li; Ramesh Manocha; Joanna Caruso; Deborah Turnbull; Richard L Reed; Caroline L Miller; David Roder; Ian Olver

33. Fruit and Vegetable Intake and Stomach Cancer among Male Adults: A Case-Control Study in Northern Viet Nam

Pages 2109-2115

Le Hong Phuoc; Khanpaseuth Sengngam; Toshio Ogawa; Nlandu Roger Ngatu; Shunya Ikeda; Tran Hieu Hoc; Pham Van Phu; Dinh Thi Minh; Le Tran Ngoan

37. Evaluation of Antineoplasic Activity of Zingiber Officinale Essential Oil in the Colorectal Region of Wistar Rats

Pages 2141-2147

Daniel Augusto Nunes de Lima; Brenda Barroso Pelegrini; Felipe Alexandre Alves Uechi; Raíssa Coracini Varago; Bruno Bueno Pimenta; Alice Maria de Souza Kaneshima; Edilson Nobuyoshi Kaneshima; Paola da Costa Souza; Raíssa Bocchi Pedroso; Thaís Gomes Verzignassi Silveira; Tânia Cristina Alexandrino Becker

38. Comparison of Serum Trefoil Factor-3 to Endoscopy in Diagnosing Helicobacter Pylori Associated Gastric Ulcer

Pages 2149-2153

Ragaa A Ramadan; Moyassar A Zaki; Said A Ooda; Hosam M Abo Khalifa; Wafaa S Ragab

40. Pathway-Affecting Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) in RPS6KA1 and MBIP Genes are Associated with Breast Cancer Risk

Pages 2163-2168

Ghadah Shareefi; Alaa Nabil Turkistani; Ahmed Alsayyah; Haitham Kussaibi; Maha Abdel Hadi; Khaled R Alkharsah

41. A Digital Cephalometric Study on The Morphometric Evaluation of Soft Palate in Oral Submucous Fibrosis

Pages 2169-2176

Manaswita Tripathy; Jayaprasad Anekar; Raj AC; Sandeepa N C; Deepika Napplli; Priya Lokanath; Abdulrahman Nahi Alharbi; Fahad Mohammed A Alsobil; Darshan Devang Divakar; Aftab Ahmed Khan; Chitra Jhugroo; Sanjeev Balappa Khanagar; Sachin Naik