Chemopreventive Action of Emblica Officinalis on Skin Carcinogenesis in Mice


Chemoprevention with food phytochemicals is currently regarded as one of the most important strategies for ‍cancer control. Emblica officinalis (Family: Euphorbiaceae) indigenous to India, is valued for its unique tannins and ‍flavanoids, which contain very powerful antioxidant properties. The inhibition of tumor incidences by fruit extract ‍of this plant has been evaluated on two-stage process of skin carcinogenesis in Swiss albino mice, induced by a single ‍application of 7, 12-dimethyabenz(a)anthrecene (100 ìg/ 100 ìl acetone), and two weeks later, promoted by repeated ‍application of croton oil (1% in acetone/thrice a week) till the end of the experiment (16 weeks). The tumor incidence, ‍tumor yield, tumor burdon and cumulative number of papillomas were found to be higher in the control (without ‍EO treatment) as compared to experimental animals (EO treated). The differences in the values of the results of ‍experimental groups were statistically analysed and found to be significant in comparison to the control group (p< ‍0.05). The present study demonstrates the chemopreventive potential of Emblica officinalis fruit extract on DMBA ‍induced skin tumorigenesis in Swiss albino mice. ‍