An Assessment of Cancer Incidence Patterns in Parsi and Non Parsi Populations, Greater Mumbai


The Mumbai Cancer Registry has been in operation since 1964 and reliable morbidity and mortality data on cancer havebeen obtained for the first time in India, from a precisely outlined population. An attempt has been made to examine thedifferences noticed in the site-specific cancer risk, between two groups of people living in this area-the Parsi and non Parsipopulation of Mumbai.For this study, data has been utilized, collected by Mumbai Cancer Registry for the latest five years. For comparisonbetween Parsi and non Parsi populations, crude and age-adjusted rates have been used.The overall age-adjusted rates for the Parsi’s were found to be lower than those for the non Parsi populations and morenoticeably their site-specific risks seem to differ radically from the non Parsi pattern. Cancers of the buccal cavity, pharynx,larynx, oesophagus and cervix uteri which are frequently seen in the non Parsi population, are less commonly observed inthe Parsi community. On the other hand the Parsi rates are higher at site such as the female breast, endometrium, lymphomasand leukaemias.The observed site-specific contrast are believed to be due to differences present in the habits, customs and economicstatus of the two groups.