Cancer Burden and Trends in the Asian Pacific Rim Region


This paper describes the current cancer burden and time trends, discusses dominant risk factors and prevention ‍and control strategies, and makes future projections for the top eight cancers (stomach, lung, liver, colon/rectum, ‍esophagus, breast, cervix, and leukemia) in the Asian Pacific Rim region. The future cancer trends through to the ‍year 2050 are projected based on population dynamics, including population growth and ageing. In 2000, the Asian ‍Pacific Rim had over 3 million new cancer cases, over 2 million cancer deaths, and 5.4 million people living with ‍cancer. In 2050, 7.8 million new cancer cases and 5.7 million deaths from cancer are projected. The current cancer ‍burden and the future projection provide facts that cancer is and will be a very serious public health problem in the ‍Asian Pacific Rim region and will assist public health officers and cancer researchers in the design and establishment ‍of public health policies, prioritization of future research, and application of current knowledge in the prevention ‍and control of cancer. ‍