Immunomodulatory Activities of Centella asiatica and Rhinacanthus nasutus Extracts


Centella asiatica (CA) and Rhinacanthus nasutus (RN )have been used for treatment of various illnesses, but the ‍mechanisms of action remain largely unknown. This study focused on the influence of CA and RN extracts on cellmediated ‍and humoral immune responses. In human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs), CA (water ‍extract) and RN (water and ethanol extracts) significantly increased proliferation and the production of IL-2 and ‍TNF-á. In contrast, an ethanol extract of CA inhibited human PBMC mitogenesis and the production of IL-2 and ‍TNF-á. BALB/c mice treated with CA extracts (100 mg/kg bw) showed higher responses to both primary and ‍secondary antibodies against BSA when compared with non-treated group. Only the secondary antibody response ‍was increased in RN extract-treated mice. The present study revealed immunomodulating activity of CA and RN ‍extracts with regard to both non-specific cellular and humoral immune responses. The data available to date suggest ‍that they may have chemopreventive or anticancer potential.