Cancer Screening, Reproductive History, Socioeconomic Status, and Anticipated Cancer-related Behavior among Hmong Adults


In the United States, breast, cervical, colorectal and prostate cancer screening rates are low or non-existent in the ‍Hmong population compared to non-Hispanic Whites. No Hmong adults report ever participating in prostate (male ‍only) and colorectal cancer screening. US-born Hmong women, those living in the US ≥20 years, and those ≤39 years ‍old are more likely to be screened for breast and cervical cancer than other women. The Hmong, in general, are a ‍young population (median age = 34 years) with low socioeconomic status. As a function of these characteristics, 52% ‍of Hmong women reported having their first child at 15-19 years old and continued to bear children until 40-54 ‍years old. The combination of young age at first pregnancy and multiparity probably protects Hmong women from ‍breast cancer but elevates cervical cancer risk.