Carcinoma of the Male Breast: a Study of 141 cases from Northern Pakistan


Carcinoma of the male breast, histologically identical to that seen in females, is a rare malignant epithelial tumour. ‍We retrospectively studied 141 cases of male breast carcinoma diagnosed during a ten year period (1992-2001). ‍These tumours comprised 0.7% of all cancers, 1.1% of all malignancies in males and 5.9% of all breast carcinomas ‍in both genders. A male to female ratio of 1:16 was observed. The peak incidence was in the age group between 50- ‍60 years and majority of the patients were below 60 years. Most of the patients presented with a painless lump and ‍infiltrating ductal carcinoma was the main histological type. While compared with our previous similar analysis, a ‍highly significant increase (p<0.0001) was found for total numbers of breast carcinoma in both sexes and total ‍number of malignancies in males.