Clinicopathologic Analysis of Women with Synchronous Primary Carcinomas of the Endometrium and Ovary: 10- Year Experience from Chiang Mai University Hospital


The aim of this study was to analyze the clinicopathologic features and survival outcomes of women withsynchronous primary carcinomas of the endometrium and ovary that were treated at Chiang Mai University Hospitalbetween January 1995 and December 2004. During the study period, 43 women with such tumors were identified.These carcinomas accounted for 0.58% (95%CI=0.42-0.79%) of all gynecologic malignancies. Median age at diagnosiswas 49 years (range: 34-60 years). Median body mass index (BMI) was 21.6 kg/m2(range: 15.5-27.7 kg/m2). Themajority of women (65%) were premenopausal. The most common presenting symptom was abnormal uterine bleeding(42%), followed by a pelvic mass (30%). Twenty-seven (62.8%, 95%CI= 46.7-77.0%) women had concordantendometrioid carcinomas of the endometrium and ovary. Five (11.6%) women experienced tumor recurrence withmedian follow up 39 months (range: 1-85 months). The overall 5-year survival was 85.2%. There was no significantdifference in survival outcomes among the women who had endometrioid/endometrioid histology and those who hadother histological subtypes (P=0.674). In conclusion, synchronous primary carcinomas of the endometrium andovary, although uncommon, should be considered in differential diagnosis in premenopausal women presenting withabnormal uterine bleeding and ovarian tumors. The prognosis of patients with these tumors appears excellent.