Occupation and Cancer Incidence in District Dir (NWFP), Pakistan , 2000-2004


District Dir is a part of North-West frontier Province (NWFP) in Pakistan with poor health, education andsocioeconomic and other facilities. Data regarding occupational cancer were here collected from cancer registry ofInstitute of Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine (IRNUM) Peshawar for January-2000 to December-2004 and medicalrecords of 1105 patients were traced and analyzed. It was observed that 61 % (683/1105) were males and 39%females. Farmers accounted for 43.8% of cancers, the second most effected people being housewives with 33.8%then children/students at third place with 12.8%. Cancers in laborers and other people like government employees,businessman and shopkeepers were less often found. The data from a cancer registry for a low socioeconomic regionshould be helpful for future mass screening and determintion of risk factors within the country and in Asia ingeneral region. Increased awareness by education is highly important and may play a beneficial role in diagnosis,treatment and prevention.