Role of the Cancer Registries in Determining Cancer Mortality in Asia ?


Data on incidence, prevalence, and disease specific mortality are frequently incomplete, not very reliable or arelacking in many countries particularly in Asia and Africa. In the absence of dependable data from the Civil RegistrationSystem (CRS), many countries have developed their own Sample Registration System (SRS). Due to several socioeconomicconstraints cause is not adequately noted in the death certificates. Sample registration system practice inIndia helps in this but for correlating with cancer registry data this is not the optimal. When cancer morbidityfigures from SRS system and cancer registry are compared the SRS figures are low. Reasons for fewer cancer deathsin Municipal Corporation reports may be due to that they only look at primary cause of death and overlook thesecondary or underlying causes. There are also a number of reasons for under-registration of cancer deaths incancer registries but they nevertheless give a more accurate picture. Many registries collect follow-up informationfor survival studies, which is also helpful to improve cancer mortality data. Tumour registries also represent importantresources for rapid identification of cancer survivors for research studies.