Predisposing, Reinforcing and Enabling Factors Associated with Hepatitis B Testing in Chinese Canadians in British Columbia


Background: Liver cancer, a significant health problem in Chinese, can be controlled through HBV bloodtesting, vaccination, and community education about HBV. The PRECEDE framework has been very helpful inidentifying factors associated with health practices.
Objectives: The objective was to identify factors associatedwith HBV testing in Chinese Canadians, using the PRECEDE framework.
Methods: Five hundred and thirtythreerandomly selected Chinese Canadian adults were interviewed about HBV blood testing practices. Factorswere grouped as predisposing, reinforcing and enabling.
Results: Fifty-five percent had received HBV bloodtesting. Several predisposing factors, all reinforcing factors and one enabling factor were associated with HBVtesting in bivariate analysis. A physician’s recommendation for testing was the strongest factor associated withtesting in multiple logistic regression analysis (OR=4.4, p<0.0001). Interpretation: Many Chinese Canadian adultsin Vancouver have not been tested for HBV. Continuing educational efforts are needed and the PRECEDEframework can inform the development of health education interventions.