Intramolecular Antigenicity of MUC1, a Candidate for Cancer Vaccines


Cancer is a big public health problem as well as a medical challenge. The tumor-associated carbohydrateantigens and glycopeptide antigens derived from, for example, the MUC1 mucin glycoprotein or tumor mucinantigen, are attractive targets for the immunotherapy of cancer, owing to their expre ssion by malignant cells.MUC1 glycoprotein is present in endometriotic lesions and overexpressed in many cancers and the MUC1immune response is known to provide a protective host defense mechanism against cancer. In this work, theauthor studied the antigenicity pattern within the MUC1 molecule by an advanced bioinformatics method. Itcan be seen that the amino acid in the middle portion of the sequence pose high antigenicity. This part could beselected for further vaccine development.