Cooperation Partners in Information Sharing within the Context of an Asian Cancer Network


It would be a great mistake to analyze the health situation in Asia relying on the focus on individualisminherent in the sense of values of Europeans and Americans. Cooperation across fields is indispensable foreffective control of the epidemic of disease we are facing in the 21st century. We need to concentrate efforts onbringing together specialists, not only within the various areas of medical practice, but also across such fields aseconomics, politics and information technology (IT). Asia differs from Europe and America in that it does nothave any group political structure and therefore we must rely on voluntary integration of our efforts if we are toachieve the most effective application of our combined resources. Non-intervention in internal affairs is naturallya very important condition for success. Sharing of information while abiding by national regulations regardingmedical data confidentiality does pose difficulties, but gentle persuasion to standardize processes with a sharedcommitment to overcoming problems should reduce opposition. Our common purpose in maintaining healthysocieties, whether we be scientists, medical staff, economists, computer specialists or politicians, provides thebond. Ways and means by which this bond can be strengthened deserve our attention.