Lack of Prognostic Significance of HER-2/neu in Early Epithelial Ovarian Cancer


A total of 74 patients with apparent early stage epithelial ovarian cancer who underwent exploratorylaparotomy at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital or other hospitals and were referred for further treatment,were evaluated. Formalin fixed paraffin-embeded ovarian tissue specimens were collected and immuno-stainedwith HER-2/neu antibodies for compariosn with clinicopathologic data after median follow up of 46 months(range 3 – 83 months). The prevalence of HER-2/neu overexpression in these patients was 10.2%. No significantcorrelation between HER-2/neu overexpression and clinicopathological parameters (stage, ascites, capsularrupture, capsular adherence, histological subtype and histological grade) was found. Disease free survival andoverall survival did not statistically differ between those with lesions positive or negative for HER-2/neuoverexpression.