Trends in Incidence of Had and Neck Cancers in India


Information relating to cancer incidence trends forms the scientific basis for the planning and organizationof prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer in a community. An attempt was here made to study the trendsin the age adjusted incidence rates for the sites of head and neck cancers in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi,Bhopal, and Barshi registry’s populations. For carrying out trend analysis the gum, the floor of mouth, themucosa of cheek, the hard and soft palate and the uvula were grouped together and assigned as cancers ofmouth. The trend analysis was carried out for all sites together, tongue, mouth, hypopharynx and larynx inmales and all sites together and mouth in females. Sites such as lip, hypopharynx and nasopharynx were notconsidered. In males, for all sites together linear regression showed no increase or decrease in age adjusted ratesoverall for Bangalore and Delhi registries, a significant decrease for Mumbai and Delhi registries, but a risingtrend for Chennai and Bhopal registries over a period of time. In females, for all sites together no change wasobserved in age adjusted incidence rates for Mumbai, Chennai, Bhopal, Bangalore and Barshi registries whilea decreasing trend was noted for Delhi registries over a period of time. For the specific sites, variation amongregistries was also apparent. The results point to local differences in sub-site specific risk factors which might beelucidated by analytical epidemiological assessment.