Primary Non-Gestational Uterine Cervical Choriocarcinoma with Metaplastic Transformation from Squamous Cells


Background: Primary non-gestational uterine cervical choriocarcinoma is very unusual and although it hasbeen hypothesized that it can arise by metaplastic transformation of cervical epithelium, solid evidence hasbeen lacking. Case: Primary non-gestational uterine cervical choriocarcinoma was diagnosed in a 47-year-old,woman undergoing tubal resection 17 years previously. A histologically- and immunohistochemically-confirmed,non-gestational cervical choriocarcinoma could be diagnosed in which there was metaplastic transformationfrom squamous cells . The patient underwent 5 courses of an actinomycin-D chemotherapeutic regimen andradical hysterectomy with bilateral pelvic lymphadenectomy.
Conclusion: Primary non-gestational uterinecervical choriocarcinoma may indeed arise from metaplastic transformation of epithelial tissue.