Reproductive History and Health Screening for Women and Mortality in the Japan Collaborative Cohort Study for Evaluation of Cancer (JACC)


Reproductive history and participation in health screening for women were surveyed among female subjects,and interesting results were obtained in the present analyses. Women who had never experienced pregnancyhad significantly increased risks of death from all causes and cerebrovascular disorders compared with thosewho had experienced 1 or 2 pregnancies. In contrast, women who had experienced 3 or 4 pregnancies hadsignificantly decreased risks of death from all causes, all cancers, rectal cancer, and breast cancer. Among womenwho had ever undergone mass screening examination for uterine cervical cancer, there were significantly lowerrisks of death from all causes, all cancers, stomach cancer, uterine cervical cancer, urinary tract cancer, andischemic heart diseases compared with those who had not had such experience.