Preoperative and Postoperative Agreement of Histopathological Findings in Cases of Endometrial Hyperplasia


Objective: To determine agreement of preoperative and postoperative histopathology of endometrialhyperplasia (EH). Materials and
Methods: Histopathology of specimens obtained by curettage and hysterectomywithin 1 year was retrospectively compared by a skilled gynecological pathologist. Patients who received hormonetherapy were excluded.
Results: Of 79 women with a preoperative diagnosis of EH, only 32 were diagnosed asEH from hysterectomy specimens. There was no endometrial cancer. The agreement between preoperative andpostoperative histology did not achieve statistical significance (Kappa 0.011). Postoperative histopathology wasmore severe than preoperative diagnosis in 5 (6.3%) patients, including 3 preoperative diagnoses of simplehyperplasia without atypia, 1 simple hyperplasia with atypia, and 1 complex hyperplasia without atypia.
Conclusions: For EH diagnosed by curettage, we can be sure of the diagnosis. However, 6.3% had more severehistology from hysterectomy specimens. Thus, repeated curettage or other investigations should be reconsideredin women with recurrent bleeding.