Knowledge and Behavior Regarding Breast Cancer Screening among Female Teachers in Selangor, Malaysia


A cross-sectional study was carried out to determine the knowledge and practices of 425 female secondaryschool teachers from 20 selected secondary schools in Selangor, Malaysia on breast cancer screening (BCS). Aself-administered, structured questionnaire was used for data collection. This study showed moderate to lowknowledge on breast cancer (BC) and BCS among teachers. Only 19%, 25% and 13.6% eligible women performedbreast self-examination (BSE), clinical breast examination (CBE) and mammography respectively, on a regularbasis. Level of breast cancer knowledge was significantly associated with BSE (p=0.000). Having heard/ readabout BCS, and regular visit with a physician were associated with BCS behaviors (P<0.05). There was noassociation between BCS behaviors (P>0.05 and age, family history of breast cancer, marital status or havinghealth insurance). Efforts are needed to increase knowledge and remove misconceptions about breast cancerand screening practices among Malaysian women.