Prevalence of Oral Pre-malignant and Malignant Lesions at a Tertiary Level Hospital in Allahabad, India


Objective: In a previous article, we reported the prevalence rates of oral mucosal lesions in this hospitalfrom 1990-2001. This study was planned to study the spectrum of potentially malignant and malignant orallesions in Allahabad, North India in the subsequent years till 2007 and to assess change in pattern of prevalence,if any. Materials and
Methods: This is a single institutional retrospective study in and around Allahabad from1990 to 2007. Data was collected year wise with reference to age, sex, site involved and histopathological findings.
Results: 1,151 oral biopsies were reviewed. Of these, 365 biopsies were benign, 344 were potentially malignantand 442 were malignant. The buccal mucosa was the most frequently involved site in benign and premalignantlesions, however in malignant lesions, the tongue was most common site. Oral submucous fibrosis constitutedthe highest number of patients in premalignant group, while in malignant group, squamous cell carcinoma wasmost prevalent.
Conclusion: This study showed that potentially malignant and malignant oral lesions werewidespread in the patients visiting the hospital in this region.