Establishment of an Integrated Management Model for the Secondary Prevention of Cervical Cancer- an Experience in Taiwan Hospital


In the present study, secondary data analysis was utilized to evaluate the efficiency of the integratedmanagement model (IMM) on the Pap smear test for screening of women’s uterine cervical cancer. The data offemale patients receiving a Pap smear test were collected both before (from July to December, 2006) and after(from January to June, 2007) introducing the IMM in a regional hospital in Tainan. The result revealed anincrement of participation rate from 5.1% to 15.4% (p <0.001) among the female patients in the OPD (outpatientdepartment), although the post-IMM participation rate was still much lower than that of general hospitaldata in Taiwan. Since IMM has proved efficacious for the management of various diseases, improvement in ourIMM for the female uterine cervical cancer’s prevention and management is conceivable. Studies on influencingfactors should be carried out to allow strategies for resolution of problems to designed, documented andimplemented.