Survival of Ovarian Cancer in Iran: 2000-2004


Objective: The aim of this study was to estimate the 5-year survival of ovarian cancer in Iran between 2000and 2004, according to age and histology.
Methods: Cancer registry of Iran, 2000-2004, was used coveringnearly 80% of all ovarian cancers and 100% of all pathologically diagnosed ovarian cancers.
Results: Of 1,246new ovarian cancer cases, 451 were available for further follow-up which revealed 169 deaths and 282 live cases.The 5-year survival was 61%; 85% for germ cell tumors and 59% for epithelial tumors. Survival of serous,mucinous, endometrioid and clear cell histologic subtypes of epithelial tumors was 41%, 62%, 76% and 78%,respectively. Young patients with epithelial tumors (below 45) displayed significantly better 5-year survivalrates (63% versus 53%).
Conclusion: we found that ovarian cancer had a better survival rate in Iran in comparisonto other regions. We also reviewed all probable confounding factors or real causes. In this study, age and histologyaffected survival.