Analyses on the Rate and Epidemic Characteristics of Anxiety and Depression among Cancer Patients in Yangpu District in Shanghai


Objective : To investigate the rate and epidemic characteristics of anxiety and depression of cancer patientsin Yangpu district in Shanghai, China.
Method: A self-rating anxiety scale (SAS) and a self-rating depressionscale (SDS) were used to value the index of depression and anxiety of 560 cancer patients living in a community,randomly selected from the “Shanghai cancer patients database” in cluster sampling. A total of 511 questionnaireswere returned and valid.
Results:The depression rate according to self- rating depression scale in cancer patientswas 53.0%; and the anxiety rate according to self- rating anxiety scale in cancer patients was 32.7%. The ratefor anxiety and depression was 30.1%; and the ratio of depression accompany with anxiety was 58.78% ; theratio of depression accompany with sub-anxiety was 4.35%.
Conclusion: Psychological intervention is necessaryfor cancer patients, with comprehensive measures to improve life qualities and healing effects.