Women ユ s Awareness, Knowledge and Perceived Magnitude Regarding Common Female Cancers in Yangon, Myanmar


Early detection and diagnosis can greatly increases the chances for successful treatment particularly relevantfor common female cancers like cancer breast and cervix. Increased awareness of the possible warning signs ofthese cancers among general public is a necessity. A community-based, cross-sectional study was conductedwith the objectives of assessing the women’s awareness and knowledge on common female cancers and estimatingthe perceived magnitude and survival of these cancers. A total of 400 women were interviewed using a pretested,structured questionnaire. Mean age of women was 48.4 years and majority were married, dependent andprimary school passed. Almost all (99.3%) were aware of breast cancer and only (69.5%) were aware of cervicalcancer. Breast lump was considered as a condition that will later develop into cancer by (38.8%) and (41.5%)mentioned that it was painless in early stage. Abnormal bleeding per vagina and white discharge were mentionedas main symptoms of cervical cancer (76.3%, 63.3%). Regarding the risk of cervical cancer, female hygiene wasindicated by (88.5%) and number of sexual partners by (77.0%). Almost all of them said that both diseases canbe cured at early stage. Cancer breast, uterus and cervix were mentioned as the most common female cancersaccording to their perceived magnitude. Although cervical and breast cancer were perceived as common femalecancers, health education activities regarding risk factors and early warning signs of these cancer still need tobe promoted.