Effects of Amino Acid Substitution Polymorphisms of two DNA Methyltransferases on Susceptibility to Sporadic Colorectal Cancer


Background and Aim: The present study was designed to consider whether amino acid substitutionpolymorphisms in O6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase (MGMT) and DNA methyl transferase 1 (DNMT1)genes may be associated with the genetic susceptibility to sporadic colorectal cancer. Patients and methods: Weassessed eight non-synonymous polymorphisms of these two genes by PCR/pyrosequencing. Our populationconsisted of 208 individuals with sporadic colorectal cancer and 213 controls. Allele frequencies and genotypeswere compared between the two groups.
Results: The calculated odds ratios indicated no association betweenDNMT1 and colorectal cancer. However, there was a significant association between two polymorphisms inMGMT with sporadic colorectal cancer: Arg128Gln (OR, 5.53) and Gly160Arg (OR, 3.04) .
Conclusions: Thesefindings could be indicative of factors contributing to high occurrence of Iranian colorectal cancer patients.