Evaluation of Anti-Cancer and Anti-Oxidative Potential ofSyzygium Cumini Against Benzo[a]pyrene (BaP) InducedGastric Carcinogenesis in Mice


Syzygium cummini extract (SCE) was used in the present study to explore anti-tumor promoting activity ina stomach carcinogenesis model in mice. For this purpose, Swiss albino mice were administered with 1 mg ofbenzo-a-pyrene (BaP) in 100μl sesame oil by oral gavage twice a week for 4 consecutive weeks. The animals weresacrificed 14 weeks after the last administration of BaP. Oral administration of the extract to pre-treated (i.e.SCE as 25mg/kg b. wt./ day before BaP application for 2 weeks), post-treated (i.e. SCE after BaP applicationfor 8 weeks) and pre-post treated (i.e. SCE for 2 weeks before treatment of BaP followed by the concomitanttreatment with SCE and BaP for 4 weeks during & 2 weeks after the last dose of BaP) groups provided asignificant reduction in tumor incidence, tumor burden and cumulative number of gastric carcinomas alongwith a significant elevation of phase II detoxifying enzymes, and inhibition of lipid per oxidation in the stomach.Thus, the present data suggest that the Syzygium cummini extract has anti-tumor and anti-oxidative potentialagainst chemical induced stomach carcinogenesis.