Analysis of Breast Self-Examination Training Efficiency inWomen between 20-60 Years of Age in Turkt


This research was aimed at defining the application of breast self-examination (BSE) and its effectiveness.The subjects were 220 women aged 20-60 living at the centre of Cankiri and who consented to participate.Data were gathered through a BSE information form (IF). BSE Training Programme which is prepared by theresearchers is applied after the pre-test. One month after the training, a post-test was conducted one more timewith the IF. For analyses, chi square and Wilcoxon were used. Of the subjects, 6.4% had medical treatment forbreast cancer, 72.3% did not have a relative with breast cancer, 91.8% had heard about BSE, 88.2% of them arecapable of applying BSE if taught. The subjects, scored 84.2±26.7 before the training, and 94.0±16.4 afterwards,the difference being significant (z=-7.75, p<0.001) The training given to the women had a very important effecton increasing information of women about BSE.