A Clinicopathologic Study of Breast Lumps in Bhairahwa, Nepal


Background: Various types of lesion from inflammation to carcinoma can affect the breast. Some lesions are common in young females while others are more common in elderly age group. Early presentation and prompt diagnosis is essential to relieve anxiety of non-neoplastic conditions, and in casse of carcinoma, it can save the patient from metastases. Many cases related to breast lesions from the region are reported in the surgery clinics of this institute and various breast diseases are being managed in the clinical departments. Analysis of pattern and prevalence should provide a valuable guideline for clinicians in Nepal for comparison with other countries.
Methods: In the retrospective clinical study during a 9 year period, cases of breast lesions and lumps underwent fine needle aspiration cytology and Pap staining was done in alcohol fixed smears. A total of 65 doubtful cases were diagnosed through histopathological examinations by conventional methods. All those with undetermined and inconclusive material were excluded from the study.
Results: In the study of total 243 cases, inflammatory conditions 22.6%, fibrocystic change 41.2%, fibroadenoma 21.8%, other benign breast disease 4.5%, gynaecomastia 2.5% and carcinoma 7.4% were detected.
Conclusion: Fibrocystic change was the commonest lesion in this study with 33 years as the average age of presentation. However, malignancy was detected above 40 years of age.