Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Indian Dental Surgeons Towards Tobacco Control: Advances towards Prevention


Aims and
Methods: We assessed the knowledge, attitude and practices of dental surgeons in the city of Bangalore, Karnataka, concerning use of tobacco in their patients. A self-administered questionnaire was administered to all dental surgeons prior to a sensitization program on nicotine dependence.
Results: The dental surgeons who responded (n=100) reported a need for increasing sensitization on the issue of tobacco especially among health professionals. Only 33% knew that nicotine is the most addictive drug and knowledge was poor about pharmacological as well as non pharmacological methods of treatment of nicotine dependence. Only 52% asked all their patients about tobacco use. However, almost all dental surgeons agreed that there should be a ban on public use of tobacco. Implications: The results of this study call for sensitizing health professionals on a larger scale on the issue of tobacco use and its treatment.