Highlighting the Anti-carcinogenic Potential of an Ayurvedic Medicinal Plant rtia Swertia Chirata


Swertia chirata is a plant with bitter taste used since an early date in traditional medical systems of our countryfor treatment of varied human ailments. In Ayurveda, the plant is used as stomachic, febrifuge, antihelminthic,diuretic as well as for treatment of some types of mental disorders. Experimental revalidation of the medicinalproperties of this plant along with chemical analysis of its constituents have generated interest in the medicinalvalue of Swertia chirata and is likely to open up new avenues for its multispectrum use. In view of the antioxidative,anti-inflammatory and anticarcinogenic activities reported in recent times, the plant demands a more detailedprobe to determine its use in pharmaceutical industry for preparation of drugs for prevention and treatmentof chronic human diseases like diabetes, cardiac problems and cancer. The aim of the present review is to drawattention of researchers in biomedical sciences and pharmaceuticals to this very important plant which has sofar not received its due recognition.