No Incidence Trends and No Change in Pathological Proportions of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma in Zhongshan in 1970-2007


Objectives: To explore nasopharyngeal cancer (NPC) incidence and pathological data of Zhongsha, China,in 1970-2007, and to provide scientific information for prevention and control.
Methods: From ZhongshanCancer Registry NPC data, incident numbers, crude incidence rates, age -adjusted incidence rates, proportionof pathology and incident trends were calculated and analyzed.
Results: The male and female NPC world agestandardizedincidence rates were 27.5/105 and 11.3/105 respectively, and were relatively stable in 1970-2007 inZhongshan. The non-keratinizing type accounted for 84.6 percent of all NPC new cases and the keratinizing typeonly 5.8 percent, and there wase no obvious changing in pathological proportions over 38 years.
Conclusion:NPC incidence level was high and stable in Zhongshan in 1970-2007. It suggested that its prevention and controlshould be enhanced.