Psychological Symptoms, Illness-Related Concerns and Characteristics of Relatives of Turkish Patients with Cancer


Being the relative of a patient with cancer is often very stressful, and there is a need for information, support,and help for carers. It is also important for the relative to know that the patient receives care of a good quality.This research investigated the relationships between sociodemographic characteristics, illness related concernsand psychological symptom scores of relatives of the patients with cancer in an inpatient oncology clinic ofthe GATA. A Questionnaire and Symptom Distress Check List (SCL-90-R) was administered to 106 relativesof in-patients and statistically significant relationships were found between the following characteristics andpsychological symptom scores: sex, education level, duration of stay in hospital, having emotional problems andhaving financial problems. It was established that most problems of relatives were psychological and financial(p<0.05). Cancer is still a great source of fear and it is evident that offering psychosocial support at a professionallevel in addition to medical treatment will yield more favorable results for both patients and their relatives.