The Effect of Breast Self-Examination (Bse) Education Given to Midwifery Students on Their Knowledge and Attitudes


This study was conducted in a descriptive and half-experimental format in order to determine the effectof breast self-examination (BSE) education given to 103 midwifery students from Halic University Sciences ofHealth School Midwifery Department on their knowledge and attitudes. After legal permission was obtainedfrom the institution and verbal participation consent from the students, data were obtained using demographicand knowledge surveys, applied twice before and after education by the researcher between May-June 2010andevaluated with proportional calculations, Kruskal Wallis test, t-test and t-test for dependent groups. Mean ageof the students is 20.2±1.52; 58.3% had no information about BSE and 73.8% were not doing BSE; 7.7% themstated that they had a family member with breast cancer. The knowledge level score was 43.2±10.6 before and68.4±10.5 after the BSE education (p<0.05). A statistically significant difference persisted between the pre- andpost-education scores taking knowledge, making BSE, and frequency of using BSE average scores of the students(p<0.05).