Relationships Between Psychosocial Adjustment and Hopelessness in Women with Breast Cancer


Objective: Several physical, psychological and social variables influence women with breast cancer. This studywas designed to analyze the relationship between psychosocial adjustment and hopelessness in a group of suchwomen in Turkey.
Method: The subjects were 90 women with breast cancer recruited at i Ege University Schoolof Medicine Department of Radiation Oncology Nurse Counsellor Unit and Tülay Aktaş Oncology HospitalOutpatient Chemotherapy Unit. Data were collected using an Introductory Information Form and PsychosocialAdjustment to the Illness Scale - Self-Report (PAIS–SR) and the Beck Hopelessness Scale (BHS) and analyzedby Pearson Correlation Analysis.
Results: The mean age of the women was 49.4±11.0. It was found that the levelof psychosocial adjustment of 63.3% of the women was “poor”. A positive relationship was determined betweenPAIS–SR mean score and BHS mean score of the women with breast cancer (r =0.731, p<0.01).
Conclusion: Itwas observed that as the psychosocial adjustment worsens, as the level of hopelessness of the women increases.In the light of this relationship, it was concluded that the attempts to increase hope and therefore the supportfor the psychosocial adjustment of patients should play a vital role in increasing their quality of life.