Information Needs of Patients with Meningiomas


The aim of this descriptive, cross-sectional study was to determine information requirements of patientswith typical meningiomas after surgery. The study sample consisted of 20 patients who underwent surgery forbrain tumours in neurosurgery clinics of a university hospital. Permission to conduct research was obtainedfrom all patients and from the hospital. Before the surgery, a booklet was given to patients for training. Patientswere followed up one, three, six and 12 months later by the phone after the surgery and asked to report theirproblems. All questions were recorded and answered. Data were collected by the socio-demographic, patientsymptom and health status questionnaire. Descriptive data were analyzed using percentage and arithmeticaverages. Comparative statistics were evaluated using chi-square. Patients wanted information about diet, physicaltherapy and rehabilitation, quick thinking difficulties, fasting, headache, irritability, personality change, fatigue,driving, deep vein thrombosis during the follow up. There was a significant difference between their health statusand fear of seizures and recurrent tumor, forgetfulness, lack of concentration (p<0.05). Although they receivedhealth education and booklet, patients needed more information during the 12 months after surgery. Thereforeit suggested that monitoring the patient’s needs is necessary.