Causative Relationship between Diabetes Mellitus and Breast Cancer in Various Regions of Saudi Arabia: An Overview


The unwarranted connection between diabetes mellitus and breast cancer has gained new ground in recentyears. Breast cancer in Saudi females accounts for approximately 21% of all cancers and the prevalence ofdiabetes mellitus (DM) in Saudi females is also 21.5%. DM is diagnosed in the age group of 30+ years withpossible exposure to predisposing factors like hyperinsulinemia and obesity at younger age. Further, 12% of thebreast cancer cases are diagnosed in the young females aged 20-34 years. Despite the readily available access tohealthcare facilities in the Kingdom, a large number of diabetics, approximately 27.9%, were unaware of havingdiabetes mellitus. This subpopulation is quite susceptible of developing breast cancer at later age. This reviewdiscusses common etiological and predisposing factors for breast cancer and diabetes, regional distribution andpossible correlation of diabetes and cancer in Saudi Arabia.