Testicular Cancer Awareness and Testicular Self-Examination among University Students


Background: This study was planned to determine the knowledge of testicular cancer (TC), risk factorsand testicular self-examination (TSE) among university students.
Methods: A survey study was conducted ata university located in Ankara, Turkey with 634 male students.
Results: Almost half of them (44%) heard TCduring their education and life but majority of participants has lack of knowledge about sign and symptomsof TC. Only 5.9 % of them (n=38) indicated they received information on TSE and 17.7 % have performed thepractice of TSE before; only one in a forth (n=21) performed monthly. The reason for not doing TSE was mostly(83.4%) “not having knowledge” and “not seen as important” (55.7%).
Conclusions: Adding the education onTC, risk factors and TSE into their curriculum is proposed.