SLIT2 is Epigenetically Silenced in Ovarian Cancers and Suppresses Growth when Activated


Objectives: The SLIT2 gene is a novel tumor suppressor gene, whose hypermethylation has been detected inseveral malignances, including breast cancer, colorectal carcinoma and gliomas. In this study, we assessed thestatus of SLIT2 and its functions in ovarian cancers and cell lines.
Methods: Methylation-specific PCR was usedto investigate the methylated promoter of SLIT2; the functions of SLIT2 in ovarian cancer cells were measuredby MTT, colony formation assay and flow cytometry.
Results: SLIT2 promoter hypermethylation was detected in56 of 66 (84.8%) ovarian cancer samples and downregulation of SLIT2 expression in 52 (78.8%). The decreasedexpression was significantly correlated with SLIT2 promoter hypermethylation (p<0.01). Moreover, reversedexpression of SLIT2 suppressed cell growth, migration, colony formation abilities and induced more apoptosis.
Conclusions: These results suggest that SLIT2 is a tumor suppressor in ovarian cancer, and may be a noveltarget for ovarian cancer treatment.