Cancer Incidence Rates in the Kurdistan Region/Iraq from 2007-2009


Cancer is a disease of gradual increase in incidence overall the world. Kurdistan Region in Iraq has beenexposed to several carcinogenic hazards. There are few reports about the increased risk of cancer in different citiesin Iraq. These reports did not cover Kurdistan region. The aim of this paper was to study cancer incidence and toidentify possible risks of cancer in this region. Cancer registries from 9 hospitals in three cities of Kurdistan wereused as a source of data. Information on these cases was subjected to careful verification regarding repetition,place of residence and other possible errors. Overall registered cases in 2007, 2008 and 2009 were 1444, 2081,2356 respectively. 49% of registered cases were males and 51% were female. The Age Standardized Rate ofcancer was 89.83/100 000 among male and 83.93/100 000 among female. The results showed major variationin incidence rates of different types of cancer in the three governorates of Kurdistan. Furthermore, there wasevidence of increased risks of cancer in Kurdistan Region in Iraq. Hematological malignancies were the mostcommon cancer among male (21.13% of all cancer in males) and second most common in female (18.8% of allcancer in female), only exceeded by breast cancer. To reach sound conclusions about extent and determinantsof cancer in Kurdistan, enormous multi-spectrum efforts are now needed.