Treatment Patterns and Outcomes in Management of Solid Cancer Patients Suffering From Anemia in Penang Hospital


Introduction: Anemia is one of the most frequent hematological demonstration of malignant diseases, leading to impairment of function in all tissues and organs of cancer patients and associated with serious stress. This major problem may be exacerbated by radiotherapy or chemotherapy. It is characterized by lower hemoglobin (Hb) level or inadequate circulating red blood cells (RBCs). The present study evaluated the effectiveness of treatment guidelines for anemia among solid cancer patients in Penang hospital and to find associations between treatments and anemia onset and severity.
Methods: This is a retrospective observational study was conducted on 534 cancer patients with anemia who were admitted to a government hospital on Penang island i.e., Penang General Hospital in the period between 2003 to 2009.
Results: Effectiveness of standard anemia treatment guidelines was not sufficient because correction of anemia was just temporary.
Conclusion: According to the results, erythropoietin must be used as a cornerstone even for patients who suffer from moderate anemia and blood transfusion should be used just for emergency cases when anemia leads to a critical situation.