Age Characteristics of Incidences of Prevalent Cancers in the Aral Sea Area of Kazakhstan


The aim of the research was to examine age-specific features of incidence of cancer of the esophagus, lung, stomach, breast, cervix and thyroid gland in the Aral Sea area in Kazakhstan. A retrospective study of 11 years (1999-2009) was conducted using descriptive and analytical methods with calculated age incidence rates. The average age of patients with esophageal cancer and lung cancer had a tendency for increase with “aging”, while in other cases “juvenation” was noted. The peak incidence of malignant tumors in general, and in the studied forms of cancer was found at 70 years of age or older, except for breast cancer and cervical cancer, where the peak incidence was found at 60-69 years. Trends in age-varied incidence rates had different tendencies in particular organ sites.