Estimating Prevalence of Genital Warts in Turkey: Survey among KETEM-affiliated Gynecologists across Turkey


Background & Purpose: In order to develop cost effective health strategies regarding HPV screening and prevention methods, determining the incidence and prevalence of HPV as well as the diseases it gives rise to such as cervical cancer and genital warts is essential. This study is a first step in determining nationwide annual prevalence of genital warts in Turkey. Patients &
Methods: Through the survey sent to gynecologists in each city in Turkey, a record number of data for 4,013,084 patients, out of which 5511 diagnosed with genital warts were collected from 81 cities. The survey was sent in May 2011 and recollected in July 2011. The data belonged to patients consulted in 2010. Patients ranged between women 30-65 years old. The prevalence per city was projected using population per city as presented in Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK). The treatment types prescribed and conducted for each patient and number of referrals were also collected.
Results: The annual prevalence of 154 per 100,000 women aged 30-65 was found as the Turkey average. Given 15-37% recurrence rate estimates based on distribution of treatments provided in Turkey, an annual incidence of 97-131 per 100,000 women is estimated. Wide regional differences were observed across regions, with Aegean Region having the highest and the Southern Eastern regions having the lowest annual prevalence rates in Turkey.
Conclusion: The annual prevalence rates and extrapolated incidence rates are comparable to incidences in European countries where intensive research into treatment of HPV and national health strategies are developed. Turkey should deepen its research in this area. This study contributes to these efforts as a first step in determining cost effective national health strategies.