Radioprotective Effects of Troxerutin against Gamma Irradiation in V79 Cells and Mice


The purpose of this study was to determine radioprotective effects of troxerutin. Cell experiments were carried out to test the cytotoxicity of troxerutin on V79 cells and to observe effects on apoptosis caused by 60Co γ rays. A model of 8 Gy ray-caused damage of mice was established to observe the effect that troxerutin has on the physical symptom of irradiated mice and to calculate the 30-day survival rate. It showed that troxerutin had no obvious cytotoxicity at the level of less than 20 μg/ml; but had a redioprotective effect in dose-dependence on viability of V79 cells at the range of 0.2-5 μg/mL irradiated by 5 Gy ray of 60Co γ ray. After the 8 Gy irradiation, the mice lost some weight, were dried up in fur and feather, low spirit, awkward in movement, shrinking in body and handicapped in sight, while mice with troxerutin were much better. So it was clear that troxerutin could increase the 30-day survival rates of irradiated mice dramatically. These results collectively indicate that troxerutin is an effective radioprotective agent.