Expressional Alterations and Transcript Isoforms of Metastasis Suppressor Genes (KAI1 & KiSS1) in Breast Cancer Patients


Background: Metastasis suppressor genes are involved in the inhibition of a cancer cell’s ability to metastasize. Down expression of such genes may contribute to pathogenesis of breast cancer. The aim of current study was firstly to evaluate expression of two examples, KAI1 and KISS1, and then to determine relationships with stages of breast cancer in a Pakistani population. Methodology: Fresh biopsy tissues were collected from different hospitals and oncology research institutes. The semi quantitative reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction was used to investigate KAI1 and KISS1 expression in 25 breast tumor tissues and 25 normal tissues. Statistical analysis was performed to explore its association with breast cancer risk.
Results: The present study revealed that KAI1 and KISS1 mRNA expression was markedly reduced in tissues of breast cancer compared to adjacent normal tissue. In present study a splice variant of KAI1 during a screen for its expression analysis was also observed. This splice variant has not been reported previously.
Conclusions: Metastasis suppressor genes demonstrate reduced expression in breast cancers in Pakistan.