Awareness and Practice of Breast Self-examination among Korean Women: Results from a Nationwide Survey


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to identify the current status of the awareness and practiceof breast self-examination (BSE) among Korean women. Materials and
Methods: The study populationwas derived from the 2007 Korea National Cancer Screening Survey (KNCSS), an annual cross-sectionalsurvey that uses a nationally representative random sample to investigate cancer-screening rates andrelated factors. A total of 1,255 Korean women aged ≥30 years participated in this study.
Results: Of allparticipants, 88.0% reported that they had heard of BSE. The most common source of information on BSEwas the media such as TV, radio and newspapers (87.0%). Recommendations from medical staff reachedonly 17.2%. The overall proportions of regular and irregular BSE were 13.2% and 16.1%, respectively.The main reason for not performing BSE was lack of knowledge about how to conduct the exam (31.7%).
Conclusion: Despite a high level of awareness about BSE, only a small minority of women examine theirbreasts regularly in Korea.