Awareness and Knowledge of Oral Cancer among University Students in Malaysia


Objectives: This study aimed to assess the level of knowledge of oral cancer and its associated factorsamong university students in Malaysia.
Methods: A cross sectional study was conducted among 200 universitystudents in Malaysia. A self administered questionnaire was used to collect data. It included questions on sociodemographicdata, awareness and knowledge of oral cancer.
Results: Mean age of the respondents was 21.5±2.5and the age ranged from 18 to 27 years. The majority of the respondents were aware of oral cancer (92.0%)and recognized the followings as signs and symptoms of oral cancer: ulcer and oral bleeding (71.0%), followedby swelling (61.5%). A satisfactory knowledge was observed on the following risk factors; smoking (95.5%),poor oral hygiene (90.5%), family history (90.0%), alcohol (84.5%) and poor fitting dentures (83.0%). However,unsatisfactory knowledge was observed about hot/spicy food (46.5%), obesity (36.0%), old age (31.5%), dietaryfactor (29.0%) and smokeless tobacco (25.5%). Knowledge of oral cancer was associated significantly with age(p<0.01), year of study (p<0.01) and course of study (p<0.01).
Conclusion: Instead of satisfactory awarenessand knowledge of oral cancer and its clinical presentations, inadequate knowledge was observed about its riskfactors. There is a need to introduce oral cancer education among university students.